Powder Bows

The powdery Eyebrow technique has many names = Ombré-, Vegas- or Pixel Brows. With this new technique we achieve a natural and powdery looking thickening of the eyebrows. The powder brow technique is suitable for all skin types and eyebrow shapes and is used to emphasize the existing Brows.

The powder brow technique differs from conventional Permanent Make- up technique in that it only involves surfaces work. This means that the pigmentation takes place on the top layer of the epidermis approx 0.5mm. Of this reason the treatment is nearly not painful.

Ombré Powder Brows are tattooed with the finest micro needles and looked like fine dots ( or pixels ). The shading runs upwards and outwards. Immediately after the treatment, the brows appear thicker and more intense but they fade by up to 40% and leave a soft finish.


The durability of the permanent make-up depends on the individual skin condition. External influences such as UV rays, chlorine and salt water, sport or an unhealthy lifestyle can affect the shelf life. The pigmentation fades over time but can be refreshed regularly.

I work with the pigments from Swiss Color. It is a renowned and qualified brand in the permanent make-up industry. The pigments are free of iron oxides, they are more color stable and intens then others. They also guarantee absolute skin tolerance.

Powder Brows New                                                  580 CHF

include the second treatment after approx. 4 Weeks


Powder Brows Refresh                                           340 CHF

price up to 18 month after last pigmentation