I have decided on the products of Farfalla because they offer exactly this what I wish from a facial care! They are light, smell pleasantly softly of natural essence, do not irritate my skin an are 100% ecological.

They are Consistent

We take an overall ecological stance: 80% of our raw materials are of certified organic or wild-harvested origin. Farfalla products are guaranteed to be without animal testing, genetic engineering, nanotechnology or synthetic substances. All natural cosmetics products are NaTrue or BDIH certified.

They are Professional

Our fragrances and natural cosmetics are based on the store of knowledge gained from natural, holistic skin care, aromatherapy and osmology. We train Natural Estheticians and, in turn, learn from their practical experience.

They are Respectful

We regard the worldwide suppliers of our raw materials as our partners and treat them with dignity and respect. Most of them are small producers, farmers and cooperatives deserving our Grand Cru label for their special ecological and social endeavours.

They are Honest and Open

We regard ourselves as a bridge of trust between the suppliers of raw materials and the ultimate consumer. We know all of our suppliers. In each of our products lies a story we can relate – about the farmers, weather conditions, interesting active substances and dermatological tests. Just ask us – we will gladly tell you.

They are our Presence

Creativity and aesthetics are linked with naturalness. We have learned to transfer nature’s beauty into each individual product. Our range of products speaks for itself as far as design, appeal and attractiveness are concerned.


Farfalla is Member of NaTrue and BDHI Segals.