NEOVITA HerbalCeutical- Different than others

Synergie of nature and innovation

The power of plants (Herba) is combined with innovative active ingredients for particularly effective effects (Ceuticals).

Whenever possible, the high-quality natural raw materials are obtained from controlled organic cultivation or from wild collections in Europe. The carefully selected plants are extracted particularly gently in the in-house laboratory at Heidelberg Germany.

The plant extracts are then combined with high-tech active ingredients, whose effective effect and optimal tolerance has been proven in scientific tests, to create innovative active ingredient systems.


The Neovita Mousse Carrier Technology ensures a high level of effectiveness. In the delicate mousse, the active ingredient systems are evenly distributed in micro-foam spheres. This ensures that active ingredient systems are delivered to the skin in a microfine manner and that the formulations can achieve their effect particularly quickly on the skin.

Of course, ALL Neovita care products are without:

- any preservatives

- Silicone, mineral and petroleum oils

- Fillers, microplastics and dyes