Tattoo Removal

A failed Permanent Make-up can now be removed, brightened or corrected quickly and easily without painful Laser Treatments.

The pigment removal method from SWISS COLOR is carried out using fine micropermanent needles and a specially developed removal serum. The diluted lacitc acid dissolves the protective layer of the pigments and the immun system immediately pushes the "foreign bodies" out. You can see the success right after the first treatment. The removal technique is very gentle on the skin and involves no risk of scarring*. This means that good results can be achieved safely right from the start.

* Subject to dermatological diseases or genetic predisposition .


Tattoo removal Eyebrows or Lips                                    195 CHF per session

Tattoo removal small corrections                                      95 CHF per session


Depending on the intensity of the pigmentation the desired goal, several treatments must be carried out. Immediately after the treatment you can see the result. There is never a guarantee of success.