The Rigenera products are cosmeceuticals, which means that they are a mixture between cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

You receive the highest possible concentration of active ingredients that is permitted before the products are classified as medicinal products. For cosmeceuticals, active ingredients are selected that have proven their effectiveness in studies and are extremely pure. Extracts and substances that are identical to the skin, are ideally matched to one another and can be optimally absorbed by the skin, are the secret of the cosmeceutical effect.


Rigenera are Cosmeceuticals, that means the ingredients are cosmetical but the effect is medical.




In the Products are active ingredients like Hyaluron and  can pass the natural skin barriers easier than normal Beauty care.


Free from;

  • Silikon
  • Mineraloil
  • Titandioxid
  • Parabene


Rigenera is the well-known Italian label, which was launched by Valentina Tecchio. Her many years of experience in the field of pigmentation (permanent make-up) and aesthetics have led to a synergy between these two beauty disciplines.

Rigenera attaches great importance to using only natural bases, which is why the products are ideal for microneedling treatment.

You can use all Rigenera products for daily care at home as well as for treatment in your beauty salon


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